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Competition supervision and follow up
by Team Eysseric

Academy for the Development of Professional Tennis

The Academy programs, in collaboration with the player, between 15 and 20 tournaments a year, and manage registration, coaching, follow-up in competition and post-match debriefing.

A report is then made to the technical staff to develop the next training sessions and the new strategy to implement if necessary.

the program of the Team Eysseric in details...


Everything is done for the success of young players in their technical and tactical progression. A team of 5 coaches, under the responsibility and management of Didier Eysseric, share daily training sessions that include a maximum of 3 players per court. An individual daily report is made to set up the technical program of the next day.

Tennis training

Physical training is a must to progress sustainably and achieve real performance. It is also a way to avoid injury and fatigue and allow the athlete to meet the demands of high performance sport. The objectives are defined daily by the coach among which we find bodybuilding, joint strengthening, endurance and muscle tone.

Physical training

Absolute weapon of the sportsman, the mental preparation is more than a practice in the sport of competition, it is a philosophy. The staff of the academy is constantly focusing, on the court or in workshop sessions, to give young people the means to improve mentally and to optimize their abilities to succeed by learning to manage emotions, to evacuate stress and have fun in sports practice.

Mental preparation

The competition does not start at the 1st point of a match. Preparation, transportation, warm-up, encouragement, follow-up, as well as debriefing with statistical analysis and new objectives to come, constitute the complete package of successful competitions.

Competition monitoring

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